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About Us

VASTPROTECT is a leading manufacturer & exporter specialized in all kinds of non woven & plastic disposable products for safety
protective and healthcare.
We have an extensive range of disposable items: caps, bandage, beard cover, hood, face mask, dust mask, oversleeves, gloves,
lab coats, coverall, isolation gowns, visitor coat, bathrobe, beauty gown, apron, poncho, dust cover, car cover, cloth cover,
overshoes/shoe covers, boot covers, bed sheet, antimacassar, examination sheet, pillow case, wiping cloth, washing gloves, bag,
slipper, bra, briefs, pants, arm slings, smock, pastry bag, dental bib etc. .
Meanwhile, We have rich kinds of raw materials available for customers' choices, such as SBPP/SPP, SPP/PE, SPP/CPE,SMS,
SMS/PE, Spunlace ,LDPE, ,HDPE,CPE, Nylon, PVC, Terylene, Paper, EVA, Urethane,Microporous film liminates and spunbonded olefin
Our nonwoven articles are divided into four series:
1.Nonwoven disposable products for medical applications,
i.e.hospital, healthcare and nursing, etc.;
2.Nonwoven limited-use protective garments for industries,
i.e.food and medicine processing, eletronic, petrochemical, painting and Safety & Protection, etc.:
3.Nonwoven products for services,
i.e. airlines, beauty parlors, hairdress house, restaurants and hotels, etc.;
4.Nonwovens products for consumer,
i.e.household, personal convenience, sports and leisure and childcare.



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